Symptoms of autism in adolescents

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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Symptoms of autism in adolescents

Autism Autism refers to the child having a complex neurological and behavioral condition that causes weakness in his or her social communication skills and language, and leads to repetitive and severe behavior. Autism leads to a variety of symptoms that vary in intensity. The term autism disorder (ASD), which may affect the child severely, prevents him from living a normal life. Autistic children have difficulty communicating with others because they can not understand their thoughts and feelings. They have many difficulties expressing themselves with words or gestures. T or facial expressions. [1] Symptoms of autism in adolescents In some cases, autism does not appear in children when they are young and do not appear to be at risk of developing them later in life. Parents should therefore attach great importance to the symptoms of their children at the stage For example, autistic children exhibit strange reactions to stimuli such as lights, sounds, smells, touch, and taste. Sometimes, they do not show any interest in the words of people who speak to them directly, but sometimes they are very upset about some Invisible sounds It is like the sound of the arrangement of leaves or birds, and they are affected very quickly when there is a sudden change in sensory stimuli around them, such as bright lights or high sounds or touching rough objects texture
In addition, adolescents with autism can not express their feelings socially in a socially acceptable way. Sometimes they begin to scream, cry or laugh without apparent justification, and if they are concerned about something, they appear hysterical and aggressive, such as biting, scratching or beating Or smash things around them. They may also show some inappropriate gestures or expressions in the eyes of others. They may ignore some people, so they do not have many friends, and in some cases, they have no friends at all. On the other hand, autistic adolescents tend to be more intelligent about tasks that do not require them to speak. They tend to use short sentences and have great difficulty in speaking according to grammar. They also behave well when it comes to The tasks are visual and spatial, and they are less efficient when faced with questions and tasks that require them to think abstract, so you see them respond to the literal of some things and tasks because they have a great difficulty in understanding idioms or metaphors or metaphors. [3] Causes of Autism There is no single underlying cause of autism, as scientific studies show that it is due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Scientific studies suggest that autism occurs among family members. Changes in some genes increase the risk of infection The child is autistic. If one of the parents is pregnant, one of these changes is likely to be transmitted to the child, even if the father or mother is not autistic. In some cases, genetic changes occur in the sperm, egg or embryo caused by their union. Most of these changes do not cause autism alone But increases the chances of child injury. On the other hand, some scientific studies have shown that environmental factors play a role in increasing the risk of autism or decreasing it in individuals who are genetically predisposed to infection. This increase or decrease appears to have little effect on the following risk factors: [4] Such as the age of a parent, complications of childbirth (prematurity, less than normal birth weight), and shortened time between pregnancies. Low risk factors such as taking vitamins during and before pregnancy such as (folic acid).

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