Benefits of exercise daily

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

Benefits of exercise daily

Benefits of exercise daily


It can be done by walking, jogging, jumping, climbing, etc. These are important in human life. 
They gain body health and protection against diseases, so everyone has to set hours in the day to practice sports. Many types of sports, if the individual does not like some of them have many option:
s, and do not forget that the great companion Omar ibn al-Khattab recommended teaching our children sport, "teach your children swimming and shooting," and these are important sports that strengthen the body, and there are many games practiced as a type From Raya Of entertaining, such as football, basketball, tennis, jumping, horseback riding, boxing, karate, fencing, and swimming.

Benefits of daily exercise:

 Maintain the ideal weight and relieve excess weight,
 because exercise on a daily basis burns excess calories in the body and burns accumulated fat and graduated in the form of sweat.
 Activating brain cells and increasing the memory ability to save,
 therefore protects against Alzheimer's because the sport increases serotonin hormones in the brain. Reduce the incidence of type 1 diabetes.
 Preserving the heart from diseases and blockages of arteries and blood vessels and clots:
 because exercise activates the blood circulation and make blood runs faster in the blood vessels, which prevents the accumulation of fat in them and prevent the occurrence of heart clots.Improve mental state and relieve tension and anxiety,
 for sport is a great benefit to improve the nervous system. 
Build muscles better and give strength to the bones,
 making them more solid and with great bearing power.
 Protects against cancer and tumors that result from abnormal cell division. Lowers death rates:
 It is the ability to protect the body from many diseases, it is longevity. Giving energy,
 vitality and activity to the body, sport increases the secretion of the hormone Andorphin in the blood and makes people permanent reg
eneration makes them love life and accept it with all happiness.
 Tighten the skin and get rid of unwanted skin tingling.

Types of exercise:

 Different types of exercise vary according to their goals and benefits. For example, weight lifting exercises increase physical strength. Yoga helps to relax. Exercise helps improve physical fitness. The best way to ensure health and fitness is to do a combination of three types Different exercises; which include aerobic or aerobic exercises, strength exercises, and flexibility exercises.
In addition to another type of exercise is the exercises balance and fitness, and we show the following benefits of each type, including:

- Aerobic exercises:

 Which include walking, swimming, running, cycling and dancing. This type of exercise helps improve heart and lung functions, contributes to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, increases stamina, helps lose weight, Ability to sleep.

- Power exercises:

Or what is known as resistance exercises; this type of exercise may contribute to maintaining strong bones, in addition to it increases the rates of metabolism, and these exercises are based on the use of free weights, or exercise balls, or sports tapes.

-Flexibility exercises:

Flexibility is an important element in physical fitness. These exercises help to maintain movement without pain. It is necessary to exercise after exercise, or it can be practiced independently to warm the muscles. Flexibility exercises can be performed or extended daily or several times a day. , Yoga practice helps, to also stretch.

- Balance and fitness exercises:

Balance and agility are important not only in athletic performance, but also in general fitness, and balance can be adversely affected by aging. It is worth noting that the choice of exercise must be done precisely because balance exercises may not be appropriate and include exercises The balance for beginners is to stand on one foot, or to stand on the toes. The average levels of balance exercises include the use of exercise ball, basic exercises with close eyes, or exercises with one leg. The most advanced exercises are the use of ball Rennes.


After knowing these important benefits of sport, both men and women must exercise on a daily basis. Sports can be enjoyed by making it a game with the whole family. A team of parents, parents and children can be formed. The first day is football, Basket, and the third day exercise jogging and so, it will make them more enthusiastic and love to exercise

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