Is Autism Autosome?

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Or so called autism spectrum disorder is a disease characterized by the weakness of social communication skills and the repetition of some behaviors such as moving the hand or repetition of certain words or express their ideas repeatedly and also have difficulty in the handling of noise or bright lights, as well as those affected by more vulnerable to some psychological problems Such as eating disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression, and symptoms in early childhood from one to two years where children suffer from difficulty in understanding and use of signals such as body language or language of eyes or facial expressions and gestures, making it difficult to understand others and Expressing their feelings and requirements. [1]

Despite the limited capabilities of those with limited social skills, they may possess language and intellectual skills. The majority of people with autism suffer from a mild mental disability. Others have an above-average intelligence, and others have distinct abilities in memory, music, mathematics and other fields.

Autism and heredity

There are hundreds of genes that can trigger the onset of autism. This explains how there is a significant discrepancy between the behaviors of autistic patients. Genetics may play an important role in the development of autism. For example, if the father has autism and has 314 genes, autism may be inherited Part of the genes that cause autism, the son may inherit, for example, 125 genes only, which will lead to the emergence of symptoms and behaviors of the son different from the father, taking into account the education and development of the child that may affect the growth of the brain, so what the person inherits is the tendency To develop a specific brain and this may appear several times And methods. [2]

Causes of Autism and Risk Factors

Autism may occur for certain families, so researchers believe that genetic details may prepare the child for infection, although other risk factors may increase the likelihood of having a child with autism spectrum. The age of the mother or the great father may be one of the factors, Drugs, chemicals and alcohol during pregnancy, some diseases such as rubella, obesity and diabetes, as well as the things that are referred to when talking about the factors of autism are vaccines although there is no evidence to confirm this until now. [3]

Symptoms of autism

Autism is called Autism Spectrum Disorder because it is very broad. Some people may have very noticeable symptoms, while these symptoms may not appear on others. However, common among all people with autism is poor social and behavioral skills and communication compared to healthy people. Grow while others grow normally. [4]

Poor social skills: The most common symptoms among autistic people may be the weakness of communication with others despite the desire to form relationships with others but he does not know the way, and may appear initial symptoms at the age of 8 to 10 months, unable to respond when you hear his name and to speak (4) Weak communication: 40% of autism patients never speak, and 25-30% have some language skills in childhood and then lose, often What autism children talk about later, may be a major symptom of poor communication They have delayed speech, problems with the use of pronouns such as the use of the word you substitute for me, inability to stay in the subject of conversation or answering questions, not using gestures or understanding, and repeating the same phrase many times. [4] Or may have a particular routine and are disturbed when changing it, as they have a rush, unwillingness to participate and play, lack of attention, and a severe sensitivity to touch or sound Or light, and aggressive behavior either with oneself or others. [4]

Discover the symptoms of autism

It is very important to discover and diagnose autism early and this may make the treatment more effective, so it is advisable to visit a specialist if there is a defect in any of the following behaviors of the child:

He should smile at age 6 months. Imitate facial expressions and sounds at 9 months of age. Quarries at the age of 12 months. Gestations before the age of 14 months. Use one word at the age of 16 months and use sentences of two or more words at the age of 24 months.

Treatment of Autism

Every child or adult with autism is unique and rare and has unique strengths and weaknesses, so it is difficult to find a treatment suitable for all individuals, but each person has his or her own treatment that meets his or her needs. There may be intervention with behavioral therapy or drugs or both. Autistic patients may also suffer from other conditions such as lack of sleep and digestive problems may need treatment and may also contribute to improving their behavior

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